Corn Fuel



SPARKS FARMS carefully cleaned and dried corn fuel is available in 40-pound tri-ply bags. Based upon research we decided early on in our business planning that many folks would appreciate the easier-to-handle 40-lb. bags instead of the more traditional 50-lb. size. After all 50 pounds is a big load for many people, especially if the corn needs to be carried through the home/business or up/down stairs.


Our bags come with the easy to open pull strip at the top for easy loading of the corn fuel into the stove or furnace.

SPARKS FARMS bags are made from paper, which make them a great candidate for recycling along with your other paper products.

Think about it-reduce or eliminate your dependence on foreign fuel sources for heating purposes and do your part to cut landfill waste through recycling - both great ways to help create a "GREENER" environment!